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SEBASTIAN BACH: I Haven't Given RACHEL BOLAN Any Reason To Dislike Me In Nineteen Years

Sat, 23 May 2015 11:00:24 +0000

Former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach was interviewed on the on the latest episode of Metal Injection 's podcast, "Metal Injection Livecast". You can now listen to the chat below. A couple of excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). On whether it's true that the classic SKID ROW lineup was offered half a million dollars to reunite for an appearance at a European festival: "That is a hundred percent accurate and true. It was the Sonisphere in the U.K., like, two or three years ago, and they even printed up posters prematurely, because who would turn that down for 45 minutes' work? [Laughs] But, yeah, it never happened. But those posters actually existed. It was on the Internet. It was crazy. It was KISS, SKID ROW and FAITH NO MORE. But when SKID ROW didn't take the gig, they booked my solo band the next year. I didn't make a half million bucks, but I kicked total ass. [Laughs]" On why the SKID ROW guys hate him so much: "I've talked to all of those guys except the bass player [Rachel Bolan], and he is the one that has it in for me. I can't answer that. I think… I mean, I'm writing my book now, and I touch upon this. I really think it's a classic case of… You know, some of these musicians like to use this term 'Lead Singer's Disease,' and I think that's a way of, kind of, dealing with the extra attention that the frontman gets. And it's not just SKID ROW — it's AEROSMITH and VAN HALEN and KISS… And all the bands… BLACK SABBATH. I guess Rachel is, like, the Bill Ward of SKID ROW. [Laughs] I think that's really what it is. Because I haven't given that guy any reason to dislike me in nineteen years. I haven't talked to him in nineteen years or been in the same room with him — in nineteen years. Let me repeat that: nineteen years. That's a long time. That's a long time. So whatever I did nineteen years ago has nothing to do with 2015, so I don't understand it either. Maybe it's because I've been successful since they kicked me out; I've never stopped working. And maybe he resents the fact that I'm, like, the face of his band, but I never tried to be that; I just kind of showed up… I didn't have some devious plot. I just was the singer of the band. And every singer of every band gets more attention that the fucking bass player. What are we talking about? [Laughs]" On whether there was ever any talk of playing the Sonisphere gig without Rachel: "Well, there's an issue with the ownership of that name. That's kind of a boring interview that I don't wanna go into. But that's, basically… Like, Axl [Rose] owns the name GUNS N' ROSES; that's why Slash isn't in GUNS N' ROSES. And Rachel owns the name [SKID ROW] with Snake [guitarist Dave Sabo]. And how that happened is another fucked up, bullshit story, but I don't wanna talk about it. I didn't realize those guys owned that name until after I was out of the band. That's how crazy that shit is." On how the advent of the Internet and social media has changed the way he promotes his new music: "There are so many ways I could answer that. All I can say to you is that I was signed to a label called Frontiers Records; I signed a contract in, like, 2003 or 2004… I can't remember… Ten years ago or something. And I have put out three full-length solo CDs, a double live CD. A lot of product. And now I'm not with them anymore, and I've gotta tell you, it's the greatest feeling to not be working on a record. [Laughs] Like, when Gene Simmons [KISS] says 'rock is dead,' that's not a literal statement. But as far as making an album and putting it out and there's nowhere to play it… It's, like, wow! It's really challenging. I mean, YouTube is cool. What's really frustrating to all of us bands… Nikki Sixx [MÖTLEY CRÜE] said it, Ian Astbury [THE CULT] said it, Gene Simmons… We all say it — that these radio stations play our music all day — they play 'I Remember You', '18 And Life' and on down the line forever. So it's almost, like, we feel as they kind of owe use. Play the new shit. You built your station on our music, and you still play it every day. So how is it you can't play the new tune? Logically, it doesn't make sense. 'Cause the fans wanna hear it live. I play just as much new stuff as old, and it fits right in. And the videos get millions of plays on YouTube. So it would just make sense. 'Here's 'I Remember You', and here's the new one.' That's the way it used to be. I don't see what the big deal is."

RONNIE JAMES DIO's Son DAN PADAVONA Releases Second Full-Length Novel, 'Dark Vanishings'

Sat, 23 May 2015 09:57:16 +0000

Dan Padavona, the son of legendary heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio (HEAVEN & HELL, BLACK SABBATH, DIO, RAINBOW), has released his second full-length novel, "Dark Vanishings", a post-apocalyptic horror/adventure novel that is the first in a series. Episode Two of "Dark Vanishings" is scheduled for release in late June, with the third episode slated for late July. The "Dark Vanishings" series will conclude this autumn and winter. From the back cover: "What would you do if almost everyone on earth disappeared? Where would would you go? What choices would you make? "A teenage girl harboring a horrible secret flees across the country from a deranged stalker. A boy who discovers he was secretly adopted is pursued by a dark, cloaked figure through upstate New York. A Florida man moves into a luxurious amusement park resort, where he meets a beautiful woman. But they are not alone in the resort. "A young man with an addiction to fast cars and absolute power clashes with a bounty hunter, while a father and daughter search for each other in a lost world where rules no longer exist and danger lurks around every corner." For more information, visit Ronnie died of stomach cancer in May 2010 at the age of 67. At his public memorial service, Dan Padavona cautioned the memorial crowd to be screened regularly by a doctor and take care of themselves, something he said his father did not do. "I beg you not to make the same mistake my dad made," said Padavona. "For dad, the show always had to go on. He ignored the warning signs for years, and all along the cancer was growing and mutating from something that was probably easily defeatable into a monster which even Dio couldn't slay." Video footage of Dan Padavona's eulogy to his father, Ronnie James Dio — taped on May 30, 2010 at the Hall Of Liberty at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles — can be viewed below. padavonadarkvanishings

SLIPKNOT's COREY TAYLOR Says He Takes A Lot Of 'Popular Music' To Task In His 'You're Making Me Hate You' Book

Sat, 23 May 2015 09:39:09 +0000

"You're Making Me Hate You: A Cantankerous Look At The Common Misconception That Humans Have Any Common Sense Left", the new book from SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR singer Corey Taylor, will be released on July 7 via Da Capo Press, a member of the Perseus Books Group. Taylor will promote the book with a combination of bookstore events and a solo tour which will be one-of-a-kind shows featuring readings from the book, acoustic performance, and audience discussion. Asked if being in a band provided a lot of material for "You're Making Me Hate You", Taylor told U.K.'s Kerrang! magazine: "Yeah, I take a lot of 'popular music' to task, and people who are hailed as geniuses but really didn't earn it. Some of the things that come out of these people's mouths are just fucking unbelievable. I've got a couple of friends who are in this band, but FALL OUT BOY saying they're going to 'save rock 'n' roll'… Are you fucking kidding me? You? With the shit that I've heard for the last two albums, that's you saving fucking rock 'n' roll? No, I don't think so. But whether it's FALL OUT BOY saying they're saving rock 'n' roll or Gene Simmons saying rock 'n' roll is already dead, I'm standing here [with] sold-out shows, a No. 1 album around the world and I'm going, 'Really? When did this happen?'" He continued: "Rock ebbds and flows. It always has. As shiny and new as these people like to think pop music is, it's the same six people who write every fucking song for some of these talentless fuckholes and I'm not worried about anything. These people have been trying to kill us for 30 years and it keeps not happening." Official book description: "In the tradition of the late great George Carlin, New York Times bestselling author and lead singer of SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR Corey Taylor sounds off in hilarious fashion about the many vagaries of modern life that piss him off. "Whether it's people's rude behavior in restaurants and malls, the many indignities of air travel, eye-searingly terrible fashion choices, dangerously clueless drivers, and — most of all — the sorry state of much modern music, Taylor's humor and insight cover civil society's seeming decline — sparing no one along the way, least of all himself. "Holding nothing back and delivered in Taylor's inimitable voice, 'You're Making Me Hate You' is a cathartic critique of the strange world in which we find ourselves." During an appearance on the Nerdist podcast, Taylor stated about "You're Making Me Hate You": "It's fucking brutal. It's just me basically trashing everyone." Taylor said that his original title — which the publisher refused to allow him to use — was "You're Making Me Hate You (Or How Justin Bieber Sucked A Million Dicks To Make His Money)". The "You're Making Me Hate You: A Cantankerous Look At The Common Misconception That Humans Have Any Common Sense Left" book cover can be seen below. Taylor's last book, "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Heaven", was published in the summer of 2013 and landed at No. 23 on the New York Times "Hardcover Non-Fiction" best sellers list. His first book, 2011's "Seven Deadly Sins: Settling The Argument Between Born Bad And Damaged Good", also made the list at No. 26. The singer told The Pulse Of Radio in 2013 that his third book would be a collection of columns he'd written over the past decade for U.K. magazine Rock Sound. It is not clear whether this is that book. Taylor also said he plans to write a novel. Taylor is currently on the road with SLIPKNOT, who are touring in support of the band's latest album, ".5: The Gray Chapter". coreytayloryouremakingmehateyoubook

KAMELOT Wanted To Add More 'Modern Metal Elements' On 'Haven' Album

Sat, 23 May 2015 09:10:07 +0000

Kaaos TV recently conducted an interview with KAMELOT founder and guitarist Thomas Youngblood in Helsinki, Finland. You can now watch the chat below. Asked if still pays attention to reviews of his band's music on various online magazines, Youngblood responded: "You have to kind of take each one with a grain of salt. In other words, if you get a bad review, or a good review, you've gotta kind of weight the merits of each one. What drives me crazy sometimes is when you see that somebody does a review of, for example, a KAMELOT record, but their favorite music is black metal or rap, or whatever. It's funny when sometimes people ask somebody at their webzine to review something that they really have no will to do it, and it doesn't make sense, so you always kind of look at that stuff, too, when it comes to reviews. I did an interview earlier today with a longtime KAMELOT fan, and those are the kind of people that they know a little bit more about judging what each record's been. And if there's a metal fan that has never heard of KAMELOT, it's always a great thing if they dig the record 'cause they're finding out about the band in a new light, and that's also super important." Youngblood also talked about the differences between KAMELOT's latest album, "Haven", and the group's previous efforts. He said: "On 'Haven', we kind of wanted to add some more modern metal elements, along with making sure we keep the KAMELOT sound, but also to be diverse and add some new components that we haven't had in the past — like some industrial things, [and] there's some folk influences on there. But all along, we always wanna make sure we keep the signature KAMELOT sound." KAMELOT's new album sold around 7,600 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 75 on The Billboard 200 chart. This mark's the biggest first week in the U.S. in KAMELOT's history. KAMELOT's 2012 effort, "Silverthorn" opened with around 5,400 units to debut at No. 79. The band's 2010 CD, "Poetry For The Poisoned", registered a first-week tally of 6,100 to enter the chart at No. 74. "Haven" was made available on May 5 in North America and May 8 in the rest of the world (excluding Asia) via Napalm Records as part of an exclusive licensing deal through the band's Kamelot Music LLC. Produced by Sascha Paeth and mastered by Jacob Hansen, "Haven" is a massive album that is sure to please critics and fans alike. Guest musicians on the CD include Alissa White-Gluz (ARCH ENEMY), Troy Donockley (NIGHTWISH) and Charlotte Wessels (DELAIN). The breathtaking cover and artwork was created by Stefan Heilemann and additional art/layout was done by Gustavo Sazes.

kamelotbandpromo2015_638 kamelothavencd


Sat, 23 May 2015 08:34:48 +0000

Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal has commented on Scott Weiland's recent claim that the ART OF ANARCHY project "was a scam from the beginning." In addition to the GUNS N' ROSES guitarist and the ex-STONE TEMPLE PILOTS singer, the recording lineup for ART OF ANARCHY's first CD included DISTURBED bassist John Moyer. The rest of the lineup is filled out by Jon Votta on guitar and Vince Votta on drums. The group's debut disc will arrive on June 2 via Century Media imprint Another Century. Weiland recently denied that he was ever a member of ART OF ANARCHY, explaining that he was paid to contribute to the group's CD as a session musician and a songwriter. "It was a project I did where I was just supposed to have written the lyrics and melodies for this band that I'd never heard of, and I was paid to do it," Weiland told The Daily Beast. "And so I did it, and did some production work on it, and the next thing I knew there were press releases that I was in the band. I mean, I did one photo shoot with them, 'cause it was part of the deal, but I'm not in the band." He told in a separate interview that he "wasn't surprised" ART OF ANARCHY put out a press release saying it was a new supergroup that he was a member of. He said: "It was a scam from the beginning." He continued: "I had them send me the files and I worked in my studio with my engineer and I wrote the lyrics and the melodies and I sent them back. I didn't even know what their names were… I had no idea who they were." Weiland added: "I was paid to do it. But they were an unsigned band and they're still an unsigned band. Hey. They're gonna put it out on the Internet, and as fate will have it, they don't even have a lead singer. I'm not worried about it taking away any thunder from [my solo band] THE WILDABOUTS." Asked by Revolver magazine to comment on Weiland's "scam" claim, Thal said: "First, I gotta say Scott did an amazing job on the record; we all feel the vocals he laid down are some of the best he's ever done. We're thrilled and proud of the collaborative effort that went into the making of this record. The public response has been great. We're very happy with the whole album. As for Scott's statement, we need to address if, or why, he made it. It was just a quote from a recent interview and we're trying to verify that he actually did make that statement. Scott deserves the respect to publicly clarify whether he actually said that. All the members of ART OF ANARCHY feel he should have that opportunity." Regarding whether ART OF ANARCHY is planning on getting a new singer and touring to support this album following Weiland's departure, Thal said: "[I] wouldn't call it a departure as of yet. ART OF ANARCHY hasn't received any official written communication that Weiland is no longer the lead singer of ART OF ANARCHY. There are certain legal steps you'd need to take in order to officially leave a band. We've been offered great touring opportunities with Scott on board even before the record's been released. Aside from Scott, all the band members are on board for getting on stage with this. As for with who? Stay tuned…" Asked if ART OF ANARCHY would let Weiland back in the band if he ever came back and apologized asking to rejoin the group, Thal said: "He's still technically in the band, and that all needs to be addressed. We're keeping every option and door open." ART OF ANARCHY is the brainchild of Thal and the Votta brothers, who have been friends for 18 years dating back to their days on the New York music scene. Thal also serves as producer and engineer on the album. Weiland is no stranger to supergroups, having formed VELVET REVOLVER with several former members of GUNS N' ROSES more than a decade ago. He was dismissed from that band in 2008, rejoining STP until they also fired him in early 2013. He and THE WILDABOUTS put out a new album in March. Thal has been with GUNS N' ROSES since 2006, playing on the 2008 album "Chinese Democracy". He has also released a number of solo CDs. Moyer has been DISTURBED's bassist since 2004. The band has been on an extended hiatus since late 2011.


TWISTED SISTER, STRYPER, Ex-ANTHRAX Members Guest On Former ANGEL Frontman FRANK DIMINO's Comeback Album

Sat, 23 May 2015 07:58:04 +0000

Frontiers Music Srl will release the comeback album from former ANGEL singer Frank DiMino, titled "Old Habits Die Hard", on July 3 in Europe and July 10 in North America. While Frank is undoubtedly DIMINO's mastermind, "Old Habits Die Hard" sees him collaborate with some heavyweights of the Las Vegas music scene, where he currently resides. Under the production of Paul Crook (MEAT LOAF, ANTHRAX), the album sees the participation — among others — of Oz Fox (STRYPER), Eddie Ojeda (TWISTED SISTER), Rickey Medlocke (BLACKFOOT, LYNYRD SKYNYRD), Pat Thrall (HUGHES/THRALL), Jeff Duncan (ARMORED SAINT), Jeff Labansky, former ANGEL bandmates Punky Meadows (on guitar) and Barry Brandt (who co-wrote with Frank the song "Even Now") and many others. Frank says: "It all started because of the relationships between Ken Ciancimino, Paul Crook, myself and the musicians that appeared on the album. I started writing songs with Oz Fox and Jeff Labansky and then Paul suggested we use John Miceli (drums) and Danny Miranda (bass) as our rhythm section and Justin Avery for keys and background vocals because of his relationship from playing with them for MEAT LOAF. When the recording started, our friends wanted to be part of it and one after the other Pat Thrall, Punky Meadows, Eddie Ojeda, Rickey Medlocke and Jeff Duncan provided their amazing musicianship to the album. I feel truly honored to have had all these great musicians be a part of this project!" Frank DiMino was the frontman for ANGEL in the second half of the '70s. The band was discovered by KISS bass player Gene Simmons who got them signed to Casablanca Records, where they released five critically acclaimed studio albums and a live LP. After the band's demise, DiMino went on to collaborate with UFO's Paul Raymond and worked as a singer on soundtracks, scoring a platinum album for the inclusion of his song "Seduce Me Tonight" with CYCLE V on the "Flashdance" soundtrack. "Old Habits Die Hard" is going to take many by surprise, as it is definitely not a nostalgia fest, but really a rather compelling and inspired hard rock release. Frank says: "I'm excited to reach new fans as well as many ANGEL fans. There is certainly a connection between then and now, and that is still about making a great record with great musicians!" "Old Habits Die Hard" track listing: 01. Never Again 02. Rockin' In The City 03. I Can't Stop Loving You 04. The Rain's About To Fall 05. Even Now 06. Tears Will Fall 07. Mad As Hell 08. Sweet Sensation 09. Tonight's The Night 10. The Quest 11. Stones By The River The video for "Rockin' In The City" can be seen below. DIMINO recording lineup: * Frank DiMino: Lead Vocals * Oz Fox, Paul Crook, Jeff Labansky, Pat Thrall, Punky Meadows, Jeff Duncan, Eddie Ojeda, Dylan DiMino, Rickey Medlocke: Guitars * Justin Avery: Organ, Background Vocals * Danny Miranda, Paul Crook: Bass * John Miceli: Drums


BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE's MATT TUCK Says 'Venom' Is 'Going To Be The Biggest Metal Record Of The Year'

Fri, 22 May 2015 23:50:07 +0000

U.K. metal titans BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE will release their fifth studio album, "Venom", on August 14 via RCA. The CD marks the band's first release since the departure of longtime bassist Jason James and addition of Jamie Mathias. Jamie, who has been playing and touring in bands for the last ten years, fronted the band REVOKER, which released an album, "Revenge For The Ruthless", in 2011 on the Roadrunner label. Speaking to Kerrang! magazine, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE guitarist/vocalist Matt Tuck stated about Mathias: "He's a Welsh lad. He sent in an audition tape and his was really good. We held auditions for a few guys, and when he came, he just smashed it. He fitted in instantly, especially with the Welsh connection. He plays like a beast and he sings like an angel." Produced by Carl Bown and Colin Richardson (SLIPKNOT, MACHINE HEAD, TRIVIUM) at Metropolis Studio in London, "Venom" is described in a press release as "an unrelenting, fierce step forward for BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE" and the band's "heaviest record to date." "We've got massive hopes for this album," Tuck told Kerrang! "We truly believe it's going to be the biggest metal record of the year. We've had these feelings in the past and we've always been spot on, but this one feels way more special than anything else we've ever done, so, fingers crossed, it's going to do what we want it to do." A new BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE song, "No Way Out", is available for instant download now with all pre-orders at A limited-edition "Venom" package is available exclusively through BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE's webstore. This bundle includes CD, vinyl and cassette versions of "Venom", as well as custom t-shirt, bracelet and necklace. All purchases will include a pre-sale code for early access to tickets for their 2016 headlining tour. BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE will head to South America in July for a headlining tour with support from MOTIONLESS IN WHITE before joining up with SLIPKNOT and LAMB OF GOD for this summer's North American tour.


WHITESNAKE's DAVID COVERDALE Says His Critics Are 'Wasting Their Hate'

Fri, 22 May 2015 23:30:07 +0000

WHITESNAKE singer David Coverdale has responded to fans who have critized his decision to release "The Purple Album", which revisits his time as the frontman for DEEP PURPLE's "Burn", "Stormbringer" and "Come Taste The Band" studio albums. "The Purple Album" features reworked versions of songs from some 40 years ago, from 1973 to 1976, including the first single "Stormbringer", the title track from the 1974 album. Asked by U.K.'s Classic Rock magazine if he has seen the "extreme reaction" the new version of "Stormbringer" received after it was posted on YouTube, Coverdale responded: "Yeah, of course. But have you seen the orders we have for this record? I've never made music for the haters. If somebody develops a cure for cancer, there will still be haters. I've no space in my life for haters or negaters. They're not gonna buy my record. They won't buy a ticket. Why the fuck should I give a fuck? They're probably sitting at home, running their WiFi off their mother's account. I owe those people nothing. Such opinions mean nothing to me. I'm talking to you from a fucking very, very beautiful residential studio. I have a home overlooking Lake Tahoe. I'm sixty-three years old, booking a world tour, the tickets are flying out the door… The odds are not in these people's favor. They are wasting their hate." He continued: "I won't release something unless I believe in it. I've come to a time in my life, after a very successful career, where I will do exactly what I like. Online the other day some clown wrote: 'Coverdale's well must have run dry.' Well, what you have done in your life? Over forty years I've sold more than a hundred million records and written countless fucking rock 'n' roll anthems. How fucking dare you criticize me, dude? Fuck off to your bedroom." Asked if he feels the classic DEEP PURPLE songs are untouchable in their original form, Coverdale said: "When WHITESNAKE played 'Burn' for the first time, in 2004, the web site lit up. And, amazingly, ninety percent of those people hadn't heard the song before. And it's forty fucking years old, but, as daft as it sounds, these songs are new to some people. I'm getting tweets from people saying they've bought the original songs for the first time after seeing the album's track listing. So PURPLE's making money too." "The Purple Album" was released in Europe on May 15 and in North America on May 19 via Frontiers Music SRL. "The Purple Album" track listing: 01. Burn 02. You Fool No One (interpolating Itchy Fingers) 03. Love Child 04. Sail Away 05. The Gypsy 06. Lady Double Dealer 07. Mistreated 08. Holy Man 09. Might Just Take Your Life 10. You Keep On Moving 11. Soldier Of Fortune 12. Lay Down, Stay Down 13. Stormbringer Deluxe edition bonus tracks: 14. Lady Luck 15. Comin' Home DVD content: * "Lady Double Dealer" - Music Video * "Sail Away" - Mix Music Video * "Stormbringer" - Music Video * "Soldier Of Fortune" - Music Video * "The Purple Album" Behind The Scenes * "The Purple Album" EPK


DRAGONFORCE: 'In The Line Of Fire' DVD Artwork Unveiled; Trailer Available

Fri, 22 May 2015 20:56:11 +0000

British epic power metallers DRAGONFORCE will release their debut DVD, "In The Line Of Fire", on July 10 via Metal Blade. Shot in high definition during the band's show at 2014’s Loud Park festival at the Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo, Japan, the DVD was filmed using nine camera angles to capture the raw energy of DRAGONFORCE's show and instrumental dexterity for which they are rightly celebrated worldwide. The track listing for "In The Line Of Fire" contains a mixture of new songs from DRAGONFORCE's latest album, "Maximum Overload", and foot-stomping anthems and lightning-fast shred-fests from previous releases. "In The Line Of Fire" track listing: 01. Fury Of The Storm 02. Three Hammers 03. Black Winter Night 04. Tomorrow's Kings 05. Seasons 06. Symphony Of The Night 07. Cry Thunder 08. Ring Of Fire 09. Through The Fire And The Flames 10. Valley Of The Damned A trailer for "In The Line Of Fire" can be found below. Also available is the DVD artwork. DRAGONFORCE is in the middle of the "Maximum Overload" world tour, which commenced in September 2014 and is due to conclude in 2016. Commented DRAGONFORCE guitarist Herman Li: "We always held the opinion that if we ever did a DVD, we wanted to do it properly. Now, having released six studio albums, we thought we had a great cross section of material to pick from and we knew the facilities at Loud Park made it a great place to film a show. Everything just came together and we’re very pleased with the results and hope the fans will be also." "Maximum Overload" was released in August 2014 in North America via Metal Blade and in Europe through earMUSIC, the Hamburg, Germany-based international rock label which is part of Edel Group. The CD was recorded at Fascination Street studios in Örebro, Sweden with Jens Bogren, who has previously worked with OPETH, THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT, AMON AMARTH, KATATONIA, SOILWORK and SYMPHONY X, to name a few. It marks the band's first-ever album involving an outside producer, having historically opted to record themselves in association with Karl Groom. dragonforcelargerdvd

OTEP Has Been Writing 'Amazing' New Songs For Upcoming Album

Fri, 22 May 2015 19:39:36 +0000

OTEP, the band led by singer, poet, illustrator, author and activist Otep Shamaya, will enter the studio in the coming months to begin recording its seventh album. Speaking to the 107.5 The Rock radio station, Otep said (hear audio below): "We've been doing a lot of writing, and there are plans [to make] a new OTEP album this year. And you're actually kind of getting the breaking news here; we haven't announced it yet. But, yeah, we're gonna be recording a new album this year. We're real excited, and it's gonna be… I don't know… The songs we've been writing, they're just pouring out of us and they just feel amazing. And it's everything that we are. It's grown from our roots where we started and then it's blossomed into where are are now as artists and musicians." OTEP last year signed an artist management deal with Mach 2.8 Entertainment Group, a company consisting of founder-CEO Sid Wilson and his partner Symon Mead. Wilson is otherwise known as #O (Number Zero), the Grammy Award-winning "turntablist" (DJ) for the band SLIPKNOT. OTEP's sixth full-length studio album, "Hydra", sold around 2,900 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 155 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD was issued in January 2013 via Victory Records. OTEP was formed in Los Angeles in 2000 and immediately signed to Capitol Records, an achievement based solely on the strength of its live performance. They were selected to appear at Ozzfest after Sharon Osbourne witnessed one of these incendiary performances. Their debut at Ozzfest was only their ninth live show, a major achievement for any band. It would be the kick-off for a career spanning 15 years.

TRACII GUNS Talks Writing 'Neoclassical Metal' Music With GUNZO, Possible Collaboration With PHIL LEWIS (Audio)

Fri, 22 May 2015 19:10:09 +0000

Former L.A. GUNS guitarist Tracii Guns was interviewed on the May 12 edition of the "Another FN Podcast With Izzy Presley". You can now listen to the chat using the Spreaker widget below. Speaking about GUNZO, his new band also featuring legendary bassist Rudy Sarzo (ex-QUIET RIOT, OZZY OSBOURNE, WHITESNAKE), singer Keith St. John (X-DRIVE, BURNING RAIN, MONTROSE, QUIET RIOT) and drummer Shane Fitzgibbon, Tracii said: "In about a week or so, before we head out on tour, we're actually gonna start writing brand new music, which is something I wasn't really that looking forward to doing that with anybody. I just finished a record with DEVIL CITY ANGELS [the band Tracii formed with drummer Rikki Rockett (POISON), bassist Eric Brittingham (CINDERELLA), and vocalist/rhythm guitarist Brandon Gibbs (CHEAP THRILL)], and it's a really good middle-of-the-road rock record. But playing with Rudy and Shane and Keith has really inspired me to write some kind of neoclassical metal. So that's what I'm doing right now. Any spare minute I have right now, I've got a guitar in my hand and I'm trying to come up with really nice pieces of music and kind of take it from there. And everybody in the group and anybody that's involved with us, there's a lot of genuine enthusiasm to see this thing grow and do something meaningful in the future here." Guns also talked in more detail about the kind of music fans can expect to hear from GUNZO's live shows and upcoming record release. He said: "Keith was in MONTROSE, on and off, for a lot of years. So [when we play out] we're doing a couple of MONTROSE songs, we do WHITESNAKE stuff, DIO stuff, OZZY [OSBOURNE]… Eventually we'll be doing more QUIET RIOT stuff. We did 'Killer Girls', which is a QUIET RIOT song that Randy Rhoads wrote; it was on their second record with Randy Rhoads — a very old song. So we're trying to, right now, celebrate all this great stuff we've done over the years, and in doing so, our setlist is unbelievable — from 'Rainbow In The Dark' to 'Crazy Train', 'Never Enough'…. Just great stuff. So anything that we will write and put out in the future will be that vein of music, which is something that I haven't had any interest in writing in years. But this is the perfect vehicle to do that." He continued: "When I say 'neoclassical,' I really mean it. I'm writing some really, kind of…. for lack of a better expression, kind of soundtracky classical music that I have been writing for other projects, 'cause I also try to weasel my way into movies and television and stuff like that, so I have a lot of different kind of stuff kind of on the backburner that I can draw from, and, if nothing else, it inspires me to write stuff specifically for this." Tracii added: "The plan is to not ever really play [any new songs with GUNZO] until it's out. We're very aware that when you go to see a band like this, people wanna hear hit after hit after hit after hit; we don't really wanna have to have anybody sit through a six-minute brand new song that they've never heard before live. And sometimes live isn't the best place to do every type of music. I mean, it's great to present straight-up rock and roll live, because it's immediate, but I think what we're gonna be writing isn't gonna be exactly immediate." Asked if it was awkward reuniting with L.A. GUNS singer Phil Lewis onstage during a SIN CITY SINNERS concert in Las Vegas in December 2013, Tracii said: "Well, I had been talking to [Phil before that], because I was living in a hotel in Las Vegas doing a show for that year, 2013, and he had moved to Vegas, and he had let me know, and so we had talked a few times. "Phil and I really never lost… we never really had any real bad blood. I mean, we had some cat fights and stuff like that. But, no, there was no weirdness backstage at all from the get-go at that gig. And it's great. It's so familiar to both of us that it's very comfortable and there's no hesitation or wondering what the other guy is gonna do, or anything like that, because we've done it so much. It had literally been eleven years since we had been on stage together. It just felt normal. It felt like, 'Hey, we're doing L.A. GUNS music, shit we wrote together, and we're really good at L.A. GUNS music.' [Laughs]" He continued: " I was just there [in Las Vegas] with GUNZO [at the end of April] and [Phil came onstage and] sang [the L.A. GUNS song] 'The Ballad Of Jayne' with us again [see video below]. And we're actually… There's kind of a little plan right now that him and I… actually, him and GUNZO… we may actually do something out of the country for a minute together. So there's all kinds of possibilities. But the reality of any type of what Phil and I would call an L.A. GUNS 'reunion,' that probably won't ever happen. But there's a good chance that you'll see even possibly new music from Phil and I. Certainly, at some point, as long as we're living, we'll definitely be on stage again at some point together."

U.D.O. To Release 'Navy Metal Night' DVD/2CD In July

Fri, 22 May 2015 18:14:54 +0000

U.D.O., the German metal band led by former ACCEPT frontman Udo Dirkschneider, will release a new DVD/2CD titled "Navy Metal Night" on July 31 in Europe and August 18 in the U.S. via AFM. In February 2014, U.D.O. played a very special sold out show, accompanied by a German navy orchestra (Marinemusikkorps Nordsee). The symphonic sound of the orchestra and the choir merged with the songs of U.D.O. and made the evening a unique unforgettable experience for the audience. This bombastic live event will now be made available for all fans of U.D.O., either on DVD or Blu-ray plus two CDs. And at this year's Wacken Open Air festival in Wacken. Germany, the unique musical collaboration can be seen live on stage again, this time with the German Federal Armed Forces Orchestra. "I was simply overwhelmed by the whole event; it's like a dream came true," Udo said. "It’s really more than words can say. This DVD will be something special to me, definitely a highlight of my career." "Navy Metal Night" was produced by Mattes and Björn Schlüter and co-produced by Udo Dirkschneider. It was mixed by Mattes and Björn at Redhead Studio A in Wilhelmshaven and mastered by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark. udonavycd

BILL WARD: Until My Dispute With OZZY Is Resolved, I Won't Participate In Any BLACK SABBATH Activities

Fri, 22 May 2015 15:23:06 +0000

BLACK SABBATH bassist Geezer Butler told NME at yesterday's Ivor Novello Awards in London, England that he had "absolutely no idea" if the band's rumored final tour would actually happen. He said: "I'd love to keep going, I'd desperately want to keep going before I kick the bucket." SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi added: "It'd be lovely to do a last tour. It'd be really nice to do that." Iommi and Butler appeared in public with estranged SABBATH drummer Bill Ward for the first time since late 2011 at yesterday's event. The members of the legendary metal act were on hand to accept a Lifetime Achievement Award. Singer Ozzy Osbourne was not present at the ceremony, which has celebrated British songwriting and songwriters annually for 60 years. Ward told NME: "I'm in a huge dispute with Ozzy, so that doesn't really help, and, as far as I'm concerned, until that dispute is finished, then I'm not gonna participate. They've already made an album without me [2013's '13'] so I'm sure they'd go on without me playing, and that's okay with me; I still love them just the same. I'd love to think I could [rejoin the band], but the things I'm asking for may be out of reach." Ward added: "It feels really nice to be with these two," referring to Iommi and Butler. Iommi echoed the drummer's sentiments, telling NME: "That'll never go; we've been friends for a long time, you can't just lop someone off like that. We stay in touch with each other; we're always thinking of each other." A separate interview with Iommi, Butler and Ward conducted by Gigwise at yesterday's Ivor Novello Awards can be seen below. Ward sat out the recording of SABBATH's reunion album, "13", and its subsequent tour over what he claimed was a contract dispute, while the other members of SABBATH hinted that he was not physically capable of touring and performing. The feud flared up again recently with Ward and Ozzy exchanging bitter and sometimes emotional open letters via Facebook. Ward told Rolling Stone in April that he was "quite capable" of playing a full BLACK SABBATH show and demanded that Ozzy apologize for his remarks. Ward admitted to past health and weight problems but maintained that he was in shape for recording and touring. He added that his terms for a "signable" contract with SABBATH included "better money" for festival shows along with publishing money. Ozzy responded to Ward's letter, saying, "Bill, stop this smokescreen about an 'unsignable contract' and let's be honest. Deep down inside, you knew you weren't capable of doing the album and a 16-month tour." Brad Wilk played drums on "13", while Tommy Clufetos was behind the kit for the group's world tour. Video interview with Gigwise

BRIAN MAY: QUEEN Is Not Working On New Music With Singer ADAM LAMBERT

Fri, 22 May 2015 14:56:49 +0000

QUEEN guitarist Brian May says that there are no plans at the moment for the band to record new music with "American Idol" finalist Adam Lambert. Lambert, May and drummer Roger Taylor first shared the stage during "American Idol" in May 2009 for a performance of "We Are The Champions". They teamed up again in 2011 at the MTV European Music Awards in Belfast, Ireland for an electrifying eight-minute finale of "The Show Must Go On", "We Will Rock You" and "We Are The Champions" and in the summer of 2012, Lambert performed a series of shows with QUEEN across Europe as well as dates in Russia, Ukraine and Poland. They also performed three sold-out gigs at London's Hammersmith Apollo. Speaking to Gigwise at yesterday's (Thursday, May 21) Ivor Novello Awards in London, England, May stated about the prospect of recording fresh material with Lambert: "No, we're not doing that. Not at the moment anyway. We might do [at some point]. But, at the moment, we're watching with interest while Adam pursues his solo career, and it seems to be going very well. I mean, he's an amazing, amazing artist — there's no getting away from that — so it's very interesting to watch him develop. And I think we're conscious that he doesn't wnna be with us all the time, you know?! That would be so wrong, for us to just, sort of, envelop him and never let him go off and do anything else. It's very important that his own career is progressing now. And we're looking forward to being back together in September to do Rock In Rio [in Brazil], and some dates in Argentina and Venezuela, I believe." After completing QUEEN's most recent European tour in January, May described Lambert as the only singer the band had found capable of filling the shoes of iconic frontman Freddie Mercury. "Adam is the first person we've encountered who can do all the QUEEN catalogue without blinking," said May. "He is a gift from God." Taylor echoed the guitarist's sentiments, adding: "[Adam's] incredibly musical, and we certainly take anything he says quite seriously." Lambert, for his part, downplayed the Mercury comparisons, saying: "There's never going to be another, and I'm not replacing him. That's not what I'm doing. I'm trying to keep the memory alive, and remind people how amazing he was, without imitating him. I'm trying to share with the audience how much he inspired me." Lambert will release his third studio album, "The Original High", on June 16 through Warner Bros. Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden and Los Angeles, California with Max Martin and Shellback as executive producers, the CD displays a fresh sound for Lambert, and includes collaborations with Tove Lo and May.

SOUNDGARDEN Singer CHRIS CORNELL To Release 'Higher Truth' Solo Album

Fri, 22 May 2015 14:18:32 +0000

Chris Cornell will release his new solo album, "Higher Truth", in September. In support of the CD, the current SOUNDGARDEN and former AUDIOSLAVE singer will embark on a tour of Australia and New Zealand in November/December, performing songs spanning his entire career, as well as new songs from "Higher Truth" in an "unplugged, up-close and personal setting," according to a press release. After SOUNDGARDEN disbanded in 1997 at the height of the group's success, Cornell embarked on a solo career, releasing "Euphoria Morning" in 1999 and debuting a softer sound both live and on the record. But when that album failed to take off, he accepted an offer in 2001 to join with the instrumental members of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE after vocalist Zack de la Rocha exited that group. The new act, called AUDIOSLAVE, released its self-titled debut in 2002. AUDIOSLAVE was a huge success from the start and released two more albums, 2005's "Out Of Exile" and 2006's "Revelations". But by the time "Revelations" came out, Cornell was already looking at other projects and recorded the theme song, "You Know My Name", for the 2006 James Bond comeback film "Casino Royale". In early 2007 he officially left AUDIOSLAVE to revive his solo career, while the rest of the band reactivated RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. Cornell issued his second solo album, "Carry On", in 2007 and the controversial "Scream" in 2009. The latter album was produced by Timbaland and found Cornell attempting to pursue an urban/pop direction, making him the focus of ridicule from musicians like Trent Reznor. Rumors of a SOUNDGARDEN reunion had been percolating for several years and became a reality in 2010, with the band getting back together for a few shows at first, then full-fledged tours and eventually a brand new album in 2012, "King Animal". Cornell told The Pulse Of Radio that he sees working with SOUNDGARDEN again as having a positive influence on his solo career. "One thing about a solo artist is you can just be in a room way too long with yourself and your own thoughts and your own songs, and it feels really good to be working with Ben [Shepherd, bassist] and Matt [Cameron, drummer] and Kim [Thayil, guitarist] again, and it's actually a really nice reprieve also from just being alone, doing what I do. It's helping with the balance, I think, too."

IGNITE To Release New Album Later This Year

Fri, 22 May 2015 14:09:15 +0000

Orange County outfit IGNITE and Century Media have announced that they have renewed their longtime business relationship, with IGNITE signing a new worldwide deal with the label. The band will release a new album before the end of the year. The as-yet-untitled follow-up to 2006's "Our Darkest Days" was recorded over the course of a year with producer Cameron Webb (MOTÖRHEAD, SOCIAL DISTORTION, ALKALINE TRIO, PENNYWISE). The lyrical themes covered on the new IGNITE album by frontman Zoli Teglas include bullying, the trappings and pitfalls of what some call the progress of today's world, and the mass media and its filtered information that he feels is molded to suit eco-political goals for the occupation of natural resources to the oppression of peoples. Zoli also hits upon topics such as racism and prejudice in America and the insanity of war told to him from the stories of hardship and perseverance of his immigrant family while making their journey west through wartorn Europe finally ending up in Los Angeles, California. IGNITE's new album will feature a song called "Nothing Can Stop Me" which the band has already performed live. The track is dedicated to a friend of IGNITE who is fighting brain tumor.

ARCH ENEMY To Headline This Year's 'Summer Slaughter' Tour

Fri, 22 May 2015 13:20:41 +0000

Currently on the road in Europe in support of 2014's "War Eternal", extreme metal titans ARCH ENEMY will return to North America this July/August to headline the 2015 installment of "Summer Slaughter"! Featuring BORN OF OSIRIS, VEIL OF MAYA, THE ACACIA STRAIN, OBSCURA, AFTER THE BURIAL, CATTLE DECAPITATION and BEYOND CREATION as support, this tour will mark the band's second North American run on this album cycle — but the first stateside trek to feature new guitarist Jeff Loomis. ARCH ENEMY founder and guitarist Michael Amott comments: "Very pleased to be returning to North America on our current 'War Eternal' campaign...It's an absolute honor to headline the 2015 edition of the legendary 'Summer Slaughter' tour! See you all very soon!" "Summer Slaughter" 2015 tour dates feat. ARCH ENEMY, BORN OF OSIRIS, VEIL OF MAYA, THE ACACIA STRAIN, OBSCURA, AFTER THE BURIAL, CATTLE DECAPITATION, BEYOND CREATION: July 28 - The Summit Music Hall - Denver, CO July 30 - Val Air Ballroom - Des Moines, IA July 31 - Skyway Theater - Minneapolis, MN Aug. 01 - Mojoes - Joliet, IL Aug. 02 - The Agora Theatre - Cleveland, OH Aug. 03 - The Northland Performing Arts Center - Columbus, OH Aug. 05 - Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA Aug. 07 - Heavy MTL - Montreal, QC Aug. 08 - The Palladium - Worcester, MA Aug. 09 - Starland Ballroom - Sayreville, NJ Aug. 12 - Webster Hall - New York, NY w/ The All Stars Tour Aug. 13 - Rams Head Live - Baltimore, MD Aug. 15 - The International - Knoxville, TN Aug. 17 - Gas Monkey Live! - Dallas, TX Aug. 18 - Empire Control Room & Garage - Austin, TX Aug. 20 - The Marquee - Tempe, AZ Aug. 21 - House of Blues - San Diego, CA Aug. 22 - City National Grove Of Anaheim - Anaheim, CA Aug. 23 - The Regency Ballroom - San Francisco, CA "War Eternal" sold around 8,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to enter The Billboard 200 chart at position No. 44. The CD was released on June 10, 2014 in North America via Century Media Records. The cover artwork was created by Costin Chioreanu. ARCH ENEMY in November 2014 parted ways with guitarist Nick Cordle and replaced him with Loomis. Loomis made his live debut with ARCH ENEMY on the band's most recent European tour. ARCH ENEMY played its first show with singer Alissa White-Gluz in May 2014 in Bucharest, Romania. Angela Gossow, who joined ARCH ENEMY in 2000 and made her debut on the now-classic "Wages Of Sin" (2001), stepped down as frontwoman and is focusing on management, while Alissa is taking her place. summerslaughter2015poster

SLIPKNOT's Next Album Could Arrive In Early 2017, Says CLOWN

Fri, 22 May 2015 13:11:30 +0000

"Loudwire Nights" host Full Metal Jackie conducted an interview with SLIPKNOT percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan at this year's Rock On The Range, which was held May 15-17 at MAPFRE Stadium (formerly Crew Stadium) in Columbus. You can now watch the chat below. Asked when fans can expect to see the follow-up to SLIPKNOT's latest album, 2014's ".5: The Gray Chapter", Crahan said: "I'm not sure, 'cause we're slated to tour the rest of this year and some of next year. So… I mean, it takes six months to make a record… [And then] marketing and preparation… So, you know, if we're touring the rest of this year and some of next year, it could be as early as the first quarter of 2017. I mean, I'm just giving you actual facts. But we're writing now. We're in the rhythm of writing all the time, which is a very helpful tool, because we love doing that. So it's not a waste of time. It's not anything that won't get used. Usually, if we're writing, it's passion. Whether it's written here [on the road] or in someone's garage or basement, it's all for the better cause. So, who knows?! Hopefully soon." Asked what musical direction the next SLIPKNOT album might take, the band's guitarist, Jim Root, told U.K.'s Metal Hammer magazine: "Man, that's really tough. I mean, there's a couple of different ways to approach it. We could approach it like we did, say, [2001's] 'Iowa' compared to the first release. Or we could approach it like kind of picking up where [2004's] 'Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)' or where 'The Gray Chapter' left off. Do we go more aggro and more heavy and more death metal, or do we go more cerebral or more PINK FLOYD, more kind of experimental? It's hard to say. And I think because we never know what we're gonna do is why we end up just doing what we do. And it comes off as being very organic and not contrived, and that's the case. Don't overthink what it's gotta be or what it should be or shouldn't be." It was six years between 2008's "All Hope Is Gone" and last year's ".5: The Gray Chapter", during which SLIPKNOT dealt with the death of bassist Paul Gray in 2010 and the dismissal of drummer Joey Jordison in 2013. SLIPKNOT's "Summer's Last Stand" tour kicks off on July 24 in West Palm Beach, Florida, wrapping up six weeks later on September 5 in Dallas. Joining SLIPKNOT on the road trip will be LAMB OF GOD, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE and MOTIONLESS IN WHITE. The summer jaunt follows a brief spring run that SLIPKNOT launched on April 25 at the Fort Rock festival in Fort Myers, Florida and ended on May 16 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

SYMPHONY X: Official Lyric Video For New Song 'Nevermore'

Fri, 22 May 2015 12:46:00 +0000

New Jersey progressive metal masters SYMPHONY X will release their ninth studio album, titled "Underworld", on July 24 via Nuclear Blast Records. The official lyric video for the CD's opening track, "Nevermore", can be seen below. SYMPHONY X has triumphed, creating a panoramic "album rock" experience in an era cursed with diminishing attention spans. "This new one is about the song, really crafting each one on its own, to be as strong as it could be," says guitarist Michael Romeo, chief writer in the band, and proprietor of The Dungeon, the tricked-out studio in which the album was crafted, newly equipped with the latest in technology required to execute the band’s famous symphonic and orchestrated touches. "Musically, 'Underworld' has things reminiscent of the bands previous albums but this one definitely has its own individuality," he continues. "Every element added was in service of the song, so the album flows and becomes a total listening experience from start to finish. Every song is to the point and fine-tuned, with us paying a lot of attention to the hooks, voices, riffs, and keeping the interest and the energy high for the entire record. It is heavy and aggressive as fuck when it needs to be, yet soaring and emotional at other times. I think the balance is just right. It had to have all the elements of what we normally would do, just tweaked up a notch and really fine-tuned." Michael adds: "You know, industry people have talked about how we'll never see a complete album again, and that idea. I wanted to defend the reputation of the album, and really try to make 'Underworld' worth listening to as a whole record. It's what I love about great individual songs, but still an album experience. "I don't want to sound like I'm preaching, but it was a point we wanted to make. It was about the progression of the whole record. It speeds up here and then it dips down here. It all makes sense together, it all works together and it all flows together." Although "Underworld" is not a concept album, Michael says, "Like the last couple of records, there's a theme that carries through, without it being storytelling. "We try to find something to key in on and get the juices flowing, and here the goal was to find something a little dark but with emotional content. I started looking at Dante, and Orpheus in the underworld, where he's going to go to Hades or hell to save this girl. So there's the theme of going to hell and back for something or someone you care about." Heavily inspired by the Italian poet Dante Alighieri, "Underworld" draws on the themes from "Divine Comedy" most notably the part on "Inferno". As homage to Dante's use of the number 3 and its multiples, the band utilizes this motif in its music either in a lyrical or melodic context. The first song on the album is a three-syllable, three-note melodic phrase, and in the verses there are three references to three songs on the bands third album, "The Divine Wings Of Tragedy". "There's cool shit like this all over the record," Romeo reports. For the "Underworld" cover art, SYMPHONY X went with their established illustrator Warren Flanagan (Watchmen", "The Incredible Hulk", "2012") who similarly tapped into the "secret knowledge" vibe Michael and band embedded in the record. "Warren went with the masks, similar to the first record," explains Romeo. "But when I discussed with him Dante and the underworld, he did his own research and designed a little symbol for each of the nine circles of hell. So there are these little geometric symbols that mean something. That's just what he does. He gets in there and finds these things that maybe no one really besides us knows what it means and yet it has meaning." "Underworld" track listing: 01. Overture 02. Nevermore 03. Underworld 04. Without You 05. Kiss Of Fire 06. Charon 07. Hell And Back 08. In My Darkest Hour 09. Run With The Devil 10. Swansong 11. Legend


JUDAS PRIEST's IAN HILL: I Don't Think There's Any Reason Why There Shouldn't Be Another Album Next Year

Fri, 22 May 2015 12:34:04 +0000

U.K.'s Classic Rock magazine conducted an interview with JUDAS PRIEST guitarist Richie Faulkner and bassist Ian Hill at this year's Rock On The Range, which was held May 15-17 at MAPFRE Stadium (formerly Crew Stadium) in Columbus. You can now watch the chat below. Speaking about when fans can expect to see the follow-up to PRIEST's latest album, last year's "Redeemer Of Souls", Hill said: "I don't think there's any reason why there shouldn't be a PRIEST album next year, you know?! It's pretty early days yet; we're still touring with 'Redeemer'. Towards the end of the year, we'll take stock of where we are and go from there." Added Faulkner: "I think next year might be a bit optimistic. As Ian said, we're out for most of this year. But the last studio record we did, 'Redeemer Of Souls', was really creative. We'd just come up with idea after idea after idea. We actually had to cut off the writing process; otherwise, we'd run out of time… we wouldn't have time to record all the stuff. So, based on that, and the creative energy that was in the room, I'd be confident that there'd be another PRIEST record. Maybe not next year, though. But we'll definitely start having a look at things in the near future." JUDAS PRIEST's 17th studio album, "Redeemer Of Souls", sold around 32,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 6 on The Billboard 200 chart. On Black Friday "Record Store Day," November 28, 2014, JUDAS PRIEST released a limited-edition 10-inch vinyl, "5 Souls", containing the five bonus tracks from "Redeemer Of Souls". Asked by Premier Guitar if he was concerned how the new band dynamic with Faulkner would impact the writing process for "Redeemer Of Souls", JUDAS PRIEST guitarist Glenn Tipton said: "We hadn't worked with Richie before on a writing level, so the first couple of things he presented to us were quite crucial. It was amazing, because everything Richie came up with was just so PRIEST, and it evolved from that point on. For the first time ever, we actually wrote on the road. Richie would go down in the afternoon, set up his recording rig, and kick stuff out. When we had time off, we sat down and started piecing everything together. What we normally do is write our own ideas — including Rob's [Halford] lyrics and vocals — pool them, and before you know it, it takes shape into songs."

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